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One step at a time...


Drawing on twenty years of Business experience, life lived and ten years of psychology practice I find myself drawn to connect with people on a deeper level. I work to create space for those in their journey with bereavement, loss, family struggles, career decisions, anxiety or depression. Whether you are struggling or simply looking to thrive...

Portrait of Wendy Cave – M.Sc., Registered Counselling Psychologist Barbados

In individual therapy you will meet one-on-one with an experienced therapist in a confidential and welcoming environment.


Therapy gives the client an opportunity to talk through their problems in a non-threatening setting. 


Through therapy couples can explore shared dynamics as they learn to understand mutual strengths and weaknesses in communication.


As partners work together on shared goals, couples counseling can be a time of conflict resolution but also laughter and freedom. 


Group therapy offers a confidential, secure and objective environment to safely express feelings.


Groups may comprise of multiple members of a family, business partners and so on with an joint goal of developing healthier relationships in the business or home environments. 


Wendy has helped me over come many challenges, from past traumas to learning what my love language is. She has helped guide me to want I want and who I want to be.


She has also helped myself and my spouse... we quickly realized that we both spoke but neither of us was actually listening to one another. I have recommended her to countless friends, who she has also helped. Thank you! 

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